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Shell Peas Shelled

I love eating fresh English shell peas.

And when I see them at the farmers market,

I always buy a big bagful.

Then I get them home.

And I look at them.

And I remember how long it will take to shell them all.

And I wonder what I was thinking when I bought so many.

But I sit down at the table,

Or I stand at the kitchen counter,

And I start removing the tiny peas from their protective shells.

And it never really takes as long as I fear.

And when I’ve blanched them in salt water,

And tossed them in a little butter,

And popped them in my mouth,

I remember exactly what I was thinking when I bought so many.

Shell Peas Shelled


Asparagus Pea

Now that I have your attention, allow me to wax poetic about the week or two every year in which asparagus, shell peas, and snap peas are all in season simultaneously.  I celebrate that brief, joyous period by blanching all three separately in salt water, shocking them in ice water to make sure they hold their iridescent green color, tossing them in a homemade vinaigrette with shaved pecorino, and adding caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, or even a little crispy bacon. . . and, if I find myself in a particularly hedonistic mood, I may add the onions, tomatoes, AND the bacon.

Asparagus Pea