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It’s Our Pleasure

One of the simple pleasures of life for me and Kay is stopping in any of the myriad independent coffee shops in New York City.  Though each shop is otherwise unique, chances are good that a cup of coffee “to go” will come in an iconic blue and white Greek paper cup.  The cups, ubiquitous in New York City but practically unknown anywhere else, are a comforting reminder that I am home, where I belong, in the city I love.

Our Pleasure


Fettuccine with Merguez

Our friends, Jody and Luisa Somers of Dancing Ewe Farm in New York, raise sheep.  They use the sheep’s milk to make the most incredible ricotta and pecorino cheeses.  They use the meat to make a spicy merguez sausage that seems to beg me to buy it every Friday at the Union Square Greenmarket.  Both the pecorino and the merguez made it into this homemade fettuccine dish.  Having friends is a gift.  Having friends who are farmers is an endowment.

Fettuccine with Merguez and Chard