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Braised Short Ribs with Raisin Vinegar Sauce

Yesterday, February 23rd, marked the sixth anniversary of the day that Kay and I first met each other in person.  Our unexpected and wonderful relationship resulted in many changes in our lives, including the end of Kay’s 23-year history of vegetarianism, which I brought to a sudden halt by feeding her scarlet runner beans with braised short ribs.  

This year, to celebrate both that day and Kay’s 50th birthday (which fell on February 22nd), I prepared shortribs again.  This time they were bison rather than beef, and they were accompanied by beets rather than beans, but they elicited the same satisfying response of love and appreciation.

I didn’t know six years ago that I would be cooking shortibs for Kay six years later, but I know today that I’ll be cooking them for her for the rest of our lives.

Braised Short Ribs