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A Thrilling Local Beer

Like a lot of cities, New York is home to many local craft breweries.  But only New York is home to the original Coney Island, a residential neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn, which is known worldwide for its amusement parks dating back to the 1880s. 

For those fearless souls who find thrills in going higher and higher, faster and faster, and arounder and arounder, there are more rides than you can shake a sick stomach at.  The Cyclone, the Wonder Wheel, the Electro Spin, the Sling Shot, and the brand new Thunderbolt roller coaster are just a few.

For the rest of us, who prefer to simply walk the boardwalk, take in the views, and listen to the screams that somehow encompass both glee and terror, Coney Island offers its own craft beer, refreshingly named, Coney Island Beer.  And you can’t get more local than that.  Just looking at the colorful labels of Coney Island Brewing Company’s various brews helps brings to life the nineteenth century carnival atmosphere that’s still alive today.

Maybe I’ll buy you one this Fourth of July if I run into you on the midway . . . unless, that is, you’re one of those people high above the ground screaming.

Coney Island Brewing Co


Totonno’s Pizza, Coney Island

When you’re a chef who lives two blocks from the Union Square Greenmarket, there’s little need to eat out very often.  This summer, however, we decided to spend our vacation in our own city, supporting some of the businesses that were so badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy last October.  One of those places was Coney Island, Brooklyn, where our first stop was Totonno’s Pizza, a family-owned business that opened in 1924 and was closed for nearly 5 months because of flooding caused by Sandy.  The pizza was well worth the trip.  In fact, it was perfect: crisp, gooey, and wonderfully seasoned.  We will definitely go back again, and next time — we hope — it will be to celebrate a hurricane-free hurricane season.

Totonno's Pizza, Coney Island