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I was away from home last week, working on the other side of the country.  When I returned, a visit to my farmers market was very near the top of my “To Do” list.  Once there, I found the summer produce season at its peak, and amaranth, corn, lemon cucumbers, sweet onions, green garlic, chilis of every variety, baby eggplant, carrots, zucchini, okra, edamame, sugar snap peas, English shell peas, cranberry beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, cherries, blueberries, and countless varieties of tomatoes, all found their way into my cart.

I still have no idea what I will do with most of it, but I can hardly wait to find out.  I love a surprise!



Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

My Gramps used many expressions typical of his generation.  Among them were “Now we’re cookin’ with gas,”  ”The early bird gets the worm,” and “Life is just a bowl of cherries.”  He made reference to the bowl of cherries — with a big dimpled smile on his face — whenever things were going particularly well for him.  His cheerfulness, however, left me a bit confused about the true meaning of the phrase, as I was more accustomed to hearing it used by the cynical members of my family who — when things were not looking up — were likely to rephrase the idiom along the lines of “Life’s a real bowl of cherries, isn’t it.”  The lesson I eventually learned from the experience was that the glass of life is almost always both half full and half empty . . . but a bowl of cherries is something to savor no matter what.

Bowl of Cherries