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Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

My Gramps used many expressions typical of his generation.  Among them were “Now we’re cookin’ with gas,”  ”The early bird gets the worm,” and “Life is just a bowl of cherries.”  He made reference to the bowl of cherries — with a big dimpled smile on his face — whenever things were going particularly well for him.  His cheerfulness, however, left me a bit confused about the true meaning of the phrase, as I was more accustomed to hearing it used by the cynical members of my family who — when things were not looking up — were likely to rephrase the idiom along the lines of “Life’s a real bowl of cherries, isn’t it.”  The lesson I eventually learned from the experience was that the glass of life is almost always both half full and half empty . . . but a bowl of cherries is something to savor no matter what.

Bowl of Cherries