Pappardelle with Beets & Greens

I love beets, but I rarely cooked them more than once a year because they can take seemingly forever to roast.  This year, however, my friend Heather asked me several times for instructions about cooking beets.  Her requests for advice made me wonder why I didn’t just boil them once in a while; after all, if boiled beets were good enough for my grandparents, why shouldn’t they be good enough for me?  To my great surprise and delight, I rediscovered that beets gently simmered in salted water until tender are absolutely delicious.  A dozen boiled baby beets ― and the sautéed beet greens ― made their way into a dish of homemade pappardelle last night, along with a bit of feta and some toasted pine nuts.  It was so wonderful that I’m sure I will make it often.  I have Heather to thank for that, and I can only hope she never stops asking me for culinary advice.

Pappardelle with Beets & Green


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