Cantaloupe Juice

If you think this is a product placement ad, you’re correct.  But it’s not for the blender (which, by the way, was a much-loved gift from much-loved friends).  It’s for what’s inside the blender: cantaloupe.  I love to chop it up, puree it in the blender, and drink down the delicious, frothy drink on a hot summer day.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its smoothie-like consistency even without the addition of yogurt or other dairy products.  If you’re so inclined, you can add a little fresh lime juice and a sprig of spearmint, but you won’t miss them if they’re not readily at hand.  Oh  and one piece of advice: don’t get so excited that you forget to put the lid on the blender before turning it on.

Cantaloupe Juice


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