Cacao Prieto

On a recent jaunt via ferry to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, I scanned New York Harbor for signs of a floating bottle.  “If I ever find a genie in a bottle,” I fantasized, “My first wish will be that my grandparents return to life to spend a day with me in New York City.”  The thought slipped away as I took in street after street, and shop after shop, in Red Hook.  Then, about an hour later, I came upon Cacao Prieto, a stunningly beautiful distillery and single-origin organic chocolate factory founded by the grandson of the little girl depicted on the postcard accompanying the chocolate bars.  It seemed as if my grandparents had heard my thoughts on the ferry ride to Red Hook.  My Nana, a chocolate lover, and my Gramps, a bourbon lover, were there with me that day in New York City.

Cacao Prieto



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